Project examples worldwide illustrating UV-Systems in use 1971 to date.

Oslo Airport - Gardermoen
Opened 1998

Roof area: 140,000 m²
Drained by 400 UV-System outlets
Architects: AVIAPLAN / Stokke & Vik
Mechanical engineer: Reinertsen Group
UV-System dimensioning: JOTI AS

Finlandia Hall, Helsinki
Inaugurated 1971

Architect: Alvar Aalto
UV-System Design: Olavi Ebeling

IKEA Warehouse, Werne, Germany
Completed 1981

Roof area: 52,000 m²
Drained by: dual UV Systems
The outlets in the dual system have a capacity of 90 l/s each
UV-System Design: Olavi Ebeling

IKEA, North York, Ontario, Canada
Completed 1987

Roof area: 13,000 m²
Roof drainage: UV-System
UV-System Design: Sommerhein AB

Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS) HQ
Solna, Sweden
Completed 1988

Office area: 64,000 m²
Glazed area: 37,000 m²
Architect: Niels Torp, Oslo
UV-System: Sommerhein AB

Stansted Airport Terminal Building
Opened March 1991

Photograph by permission of Stansted Airport Ltd.

Roof area: 39,204 m²
Roof outlets: 132 No. UV-50 type
Downpipes: 16 No.
Pipe specification: Stainless steel
Client: Stansted Airport Ltd
Architect: Foster Associates
Consulting Engineers: Ove Arup & Partners
Construction Management: Laing Management & BAA Consultancy
UV-System Installation: Drake & Scull
UV-System Design: Sommerhein AB

Midtermolen Copenhagen
HQ offices for the East Asia Company
Completed 1994

Roof area: 12,000 m²
UV-System outlets: 150 No.
UV-System: Jan Olsson aktieselskab

One Raffles Link, Singapore
Opened 2000

Roof area: 5500 m²
Siphonic roof outlets: 35 No.
Downpipes: 7 No.
Pipe specification: Cast Iron
Architect: Lpt Architects / Kohn Pederson Fox Asso.
Contractor: Gammon Pte Ltd
Contact: Sommerhein AB

China Square, Singapore
Opened 1999

Roof area: 4000 m²
Siphonic roof outlets: 20 No.
Height of downpipes: 122.5 m
Pipe specification: UPVC
Architect: Architect Team 3
Contractor: Obayashi Corporation
Contact: Sommerhein AB

Bolton Wanderers Football Club Stadium, Horwich, England
Completed 1997

Main stadium roof drainage: UV-System
Main stadium roof area: 15,000 m²
Architect: Lobb Partnership
Main contractor: Birse Construction Ltd
UV-System design: Sommerhein AB

Hartwall Arena, Helsinki
Opened 1997

Building volume: 315,500 m³
Pipe specification: Copper
Architect: Kontio-Kilpia-Valjento
UV-System design: Olavi Ebeling

J.C.B. Transmissions Second Wrexham Factory
Completed 1998

Roof area: 22,000 m²
Roof outlets: 104 No. siphonic roof outlets
Downpipes: 8 No.
Contractor: Pochin Ltd.
Architect: Cruikshank Seward
Engineers: Veryards
Siphonic drainage: Sapoflow

Cathay Pacific Catering Services (Inflight Kitchen Unit),
Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong

Completed May 1998

Building footprint: 19,000 m²
Roof drainage: UV-System
Contact: Sommerhein AB
UV-System design: Sommerhein AB

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